DEXO is innovative staking platform
where members can earn passive income.

Anytime, anywhere

Let’s feel the actual
definition of the
decentralized financial world.

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DEXO Token

The DEXO coin marks the shift from a centralized lending strategy to a decentralized pool-based system. Loans do not need to be individually matched; instead, they rely on the pooled funds, the amount borrowed, and their collateral.

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Value Increase

DEXO's value increases by using all types of transactions, and the community-owned decentralized financial infrastructure brings more value and stability.


DEXO is the token you earn through the excellent plans, and you can exchange it in the market.

Value Growth

Your DEXO value would grow as the community grows fast worldwide.

Best of both worlds

DEXO combines the best of both worlds: the familiar and easy-to-use tools of BSC and the scalable architecture of MMM (Money Making Machine).
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DEXO Ecosystem


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Some of the tools that are used to carry out decentralized finance include blockchains, digital assets, decentralized applications, smart contracts, protocols and decentralized exchanges (DEX).


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The staking platform enables investors to earn a yield on the DEXO token by depositing the purchased token.

Metaverse and
NFT Marketplace

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The DEXO in Metaverse will provide an open and fair economy backed by the blockchain’s inherent properties of immutability and transparency.

Property Ownership

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With DEXO Land NFTs, users can have full ownership of their virtual lands and spaces in the Metaverse.

Fast, Easy
and Anonymous

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You don’t need to open an account or anything, and you only need a wallet to connect to your account.

Low Fees

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Use services by near to zero fees

1XD Token

On its path to making everything easier for institutions and retail alike (making passive incomes and many other potentials), it supports other top solutions in the world when connecting them much easier than before.
IXD is a decentralized token under the BSC (BNB) protocol. The existential objective of a stable coin is to retain its purchasing power, and it is vital to create cryptocurrencies that track the value of local fiat currencies. IXD is valued at 1 USD with less than a percent’s fluctuation, and it was used as collateral for the decentralized investment contract. DEXO is using a BSC-compatible smart contract.


Q3 2019
⦁ DEXO launch on the Testnet
Q3 2020
⦁ To Finalize The DEXO High-Level Technologies Backtests
Q3 2021
⦁ Setting up DEXO entity ⦁ Market final research ⦁ Business model validation ⦁ $25M seed funding from Partners
Q1 2022
⦁ Final confirmation of DEXO project feasibility ⦁ 1XD Token implementation test ⦁ Testing DEXO mechanism ⦁ Contracting strategic advisors and partners ⦁ Smart contract architecture and modelling ⦁ DEXO token implementation phase 1 ⦁ Creating a marketing plan ⦁ Establishing ten-year DAO vision and plan ⦁ Exceptional brand material and social media creation ⦁ Website first version
Q2 2022
⦁ Initial DEXO public announcement ⦁ High-profile financiers invitation ⦁ Pressure test smart contracts ⦁ Develop a core team. ⦁ Add staking/ bond financial menus ⦁ Pancakeswap implementation ⦁ DEXO staking development phasel ⦁ Launching DEXO Super Packages ⦁ Awareness publicizing & PR operations ⦁ Private sale phase 1 ⦁ Public presale registration ⦁ AMA on social media ⦁ Pre-launch marketing promotions ⦁ Certik audit ⦁ CMC first submission
Q3 2022
⦁ Public Launch on the first decentralized exchange ⦁ Blockchain summit participation ⦁ Post takeoff marketing operations ⦁ NFT marketplace final planning ⦁ First delivery of DEXO utility ⦁ Introduce negotiations with Metaverse platform providers ⦁ Testing the implementation of community voting phase 1 ⦁ Final negotiations with Metaverse partners ⦁ DEXO was added to key rating websites ⦁ Public Launch on the second decentralized exchange ⦁ Listing on the first centralized exchange
Q4 2022
⦁ Increasing team members ⦁ Website version 2 ⦁ Digital collectible launch ⦁ Sponsorship of blockchain & crypto events ⦁ Explore metaverse developer partnerships ⦁ Onboarding strategic investors for DEXO NFT marketplace ⦁ Rising global communities ⦁ DEXO NFT marketplace launch ⦁ Further exchange listings ⦁ Metaverse final planning and development ⦁ Implementation of fiat to DEXO
Q1 2023
⦁ DEXO virtual city/marketplace live ⦁ Open the DEXO swap ⦁ Rental services launch in the metaverse ⦁ To run DEXO top-tier DEX ⦁ Launch DEXO 3D products franchise ⦁ Blockchain meetups and summits ⦁ Increasing the team to the final phase ⦁ Growing international attendance & awareness ⦁ Tactical NFT & crypto partnerships ⦁ Announce 2024 to 2026 roadmap